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Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2017
This car seat works in terms of it's safety features (most important, obviously) but a few notes on why we don't love this car seat. The first is the Extend to Fit. It works okay if you have a larger vehicle, but we have a small SUV crossover and with a person in the front passenger or driver's seat, you actually can't use much of the extended area. The second issue is the cup holders. They're square, not round so literally no cup fits or fits well and is always tipping over and spilling on our kid. We have just stopped giving her a drink altogether and that's just kinda frustrating on long drives. The cup holder is also pretty far for a toddler's reach unless you have a super tall child with long arms. Our kid is in the 75th % for height, and still has a difficult time reaching this cupholder for snacks etc. The last thing that is super irritating is the cover. It is NOT easy to remove. Do not be fooled. We spent nearly 30 minutes removing this cover one night after a drink spill debacle outside of a Wawa en route to my parents and I literally almost bought a new car seat that night out of frustration. We have a different Graco seat that has an "Easy Remove" cover and I highly recommend that one. You get one cupholder (Round), no extension (who cares) but the car seat works really well and the cover slips off quickly for washing. Moms with toddlers... don't waste your time or money investing in this seat!!!
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