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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 27, 2021
Some how I had purchased book 2 of the series and thought that was alright. A few chapters in I realized I wanted to read the first book because I was hooked on the series already.

It's funny to say but I have fallen in love with the Barton Mansion.
Would I have gone back to the small town I grew up in to help save it from disappearing because an old friend asked ? Doubtful, but that's what Kate did and became involved in a murder and embezzlement. Just because it's Kate's old high school tormenter and someone the whole town hates should she get involved?
After all what does Kate have to do now that she has been made redundant. But her expertise in hotel management is perfect for what the town needs. And with her ideas and connections, well it's a perfect fit.

The characters come to life, but the best part for me was the description of the town and the Barton Mansion.
Soft rolling hills and a sleepy town trying to reinvent itself.
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