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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 26, 2022
I agree with the one reviewer that this is not Christian or religious fiction. There is not one character in the book who claims to be a Believer and there is nothing else in it that qualifies it for that genre. There is no mention of God that I can recall or discussion of faith related matters. There are behavioural issues that are not addressed as being wrong in the sight of God, which surely would have been addressed in Christian fiction.
However, i did not know the author had labelled her book as such and I accepted it as clean, secular fiction. As such, it passes the no blasphemy, no descriptive sex and no swearing requirements for clean fiction. My rating is based on that premise.
It was a poignant story with a hea. The misunderstanding trope, which is not my favourite, went on too long as is often the case. There is a violent scene, mildly described, when the ex husband shows up. Some felt his assault was not in character. I disagree. While Steph does say he'd never hit her before, his controlling, cruel behaviour demonstrated the potential for it to escalate as it did in that scene. I did not ONCE get the impression that he was attempting to rape her and honestly don't know how others came to that conclusion. The mention of abortion, when his friend storms out, was because the notion of abortion upset him. That is clear though no further explanation was given as to why. Perhaps it was the author's way of saying abortion is wrong in as understated a way as possible.
Bran admits he slept with his fiancé once and that it was a mistake but unfortunately it was a mistake not because it was wrong, but because of her reaction to him without his ocular implants. I liked Bran. The hurt and rejection he suffered om top of being blind, was heartbreaking. No wonder he battled with the concept of being loved.
Personally I liked Bran's friends. They cared about each other and, despite their disabilities, knew how to laugh and joke and not take life so seriously. (Something most of us do too much.)
So, as Christan fiction it overlooked some serious behavioural issues from a Biblical perspective and never once mentioned anything Christian related. As regular, clean fiction it was a good story which I enjoyed.
(I would encourage the author to re-classify this as clean contemporary fiction and NOT as Christian and / or women's religious fiction.)
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