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Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2016
This anthology covers a plethora of tones. Some stories are heartwarming, others are action-adventure. A couple are noir. Many are thought-provoking. "The Traveler" is the brightest gem of the anthology,but "Eighty-Three" and "Shades" are my favorites too, as is "Hereafter," a nice conclusion to collection. Some stories didn't really work for me ("The Nothing Gate" and "Meddler") and a couple are more magical than science fiction ("Beast of the Earth" and "Red Mustang"--but both are good, old-school 'Twilight Zone'-ish tales).

"Gambit" is part of a bigger series and doesn't really feel like a proper short story on its own, though it's still an interesting read. "Shades" is like a pilot episode, like a set up for a big story arc. I love its premise and hope Lucas Bale expands on it.

Anyway, I highly recommend this. Now I'm working my way through 
The Future Chronicles - Special Edition
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