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Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2019
This is the sixth and final book in the Lost Fleet military series, a series that I've gobbled up in under three weeks. I enjoyed the series very much, partly for its excellent space battles, and partly because I was in the mood for a hero that I could root for in an uncomplicated way. The hero of the series, John Geary, is unambiguously good and is put in a succession of difficult situations that held my attention well. The reservations that I expressed in my review of book four still hold, and I could add a couple more to the list. Indeed, part of me wants to add more, because I think many people I respect would rate this series poorly. Part of me wants to appear cleverer and more sophisticated than I am. Yes, I like many books that are more demanding and more nuanced than the Lost Fleet series. But I admit it: I like this too.

About my reviews: I try to review every book I read, including those that I don't end up enjoying. The reviews are not scholarly, but just indicate my reaction as a reader, reading being my addiction. I am miserly with 5-star reviews; 4 stars means I liked a book very much; 3 stars means I liked it; 2 stars means I didn't like it (though often the 2-star books are very popular with other readers and/or are by authors whose other work I've loved).
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