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Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2019
The Prince is a novella from the world of the Wicked Series. Brighton Jussier's a member of the Order with Ivy and Ren. She was raised in the Order like the others but it all changed when her mother Merle was captured by Fae and tortured. Her mother was never the same and Brighton spent the rest of her life taking care of her.

In the third book of the Wicked Series, Brave, several members of the Order were working with some of the Winter Fae and the Queen. The Prince was discovered to have actually been the Prince from the Summer Court and he had been controlled by the Queen. He knows who he is now but he's haunted by his past acts while under control. Brighton and her mother Merle were attacked by some strong Winter Fae and other Order members and all died except for Brighton.

It has been 2 years since that horrible situation and Brighton has really changed. She's worked really hard and trained and she's been hunting down the Fae that attacked her and her mother. She's really different now and Tink's been living with her. Ivy and Ren married and they've been traveling.

Looking forward to a continuation of this novella with The King.
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