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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2006
Practices is pretty well just that - a list of practices for agile programmers. If you haven't done agile before or are just getting started, then this will provide you a good primer for getting a handle on the most important practices that span most of the agile methodologies - XP, Scrum, Crystal, etc. It is very readable and is organized in a way that you can use it for reference later to look up specifics about each practice.

What makes the book only average however is the general way that it defends each practice. In contast to another Pragmatic Programmer title, "Ship It!", there is a lack of explaination of the "why" of each practice. In some cases, they take a shot at explaining why, but it general terms that aren't really compelling. (They certainly won't be compelling if management or your peers are skeptical of agile practices.)

Even if you believe in agile, as I do, you need to understand why you do certain things and how each of those practices fit together to support each other. Software development isn't about blindly following a process - you have to understand what you are doing. For that, you'll have to look elsewhere.
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