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Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2020
I wrote another review, but wanted to be a bit more concise.

* I love Brandon Sanderson stories, but RoW falls into the same trap as many fantasy series that drag on past 3 books.
* I'd only recommend this book to those readers who are very Invested in The Cosmere. It basically has The Architect scene from The Matrix strung out through much of the book.
* Shallan, Navani and Venli are interesting characters. Wit's always good and I could've read more chapters about The Mink. Dalinar and Jasnah are just kind of there. Lift is awesome, but she's lost in the shuffle. Lirin (Kaladin) and Adolin drag down the entire book.
* RoW should've been the first book in a new trilogy. As book #4 in the Archive, it's about 400-600 pages too long. Sanderson should have just included Dawnshard if he needed 1200 pages for publication.

Additional Notes:

1. Lirin drags down all the Kaladin chapters and eventually the entire book. His character is so flat that it's nearly impossible to read his and Kaladin's chapters. Point made after 2 chapters. Time to move on.
2. Adolin drags down all of Shallan's chapters. The whining gets incredibly old after a very short period of time. Got the gist 2 books ago.
3. The interludes aren't needed. They're either a PoV for a character in the main story arc (should've been a chapter) or too short to add anything to the world. For example, I-8 adds very little and that's a stretch unless you've read Dawnshard.
4. It feels like there are too many facts not in evidence. I've read the 6 Mistborn books, Unbounded and Dawnshard. I still feel like I had to buy and read Warbreaker about mid way through reading RoW. Didn't help, which wasn't a great feeling. RoW would be especially confusing without Unbounded and (fair warning, coppermind has many RoW spoilers in addition to other useful information. The best books are the ones you can reread and still enjoy after knowing everything though).
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