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Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2016
It installed easily and works beautifully in a 2008 notebook. Booting into Ubuntu MATE 16.04 takes 45 seconds. I love how the green hard drive activity light barely brightens as it turns on. It blinks rapidly as the SSD finishes tasks with ease. (In contrast, the old hard drive took 9 minutes to boot Windows Vista and finish its activity with no programs running. The LED stayed solid bright green for minutes at a time.) Everything in Ubuntu pops up quickly. Backing up files to the SSD is fast. I would definitely buy another Transcend SSD if one was needed. I imagine it would be amazing on a desktop PC. I am extremely satisfied.

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Update after two months: No problems with Linux. Now the SSD is working in a Windows 10 desktop with SATA 2 (300 MB/S). It really improves system performance. I love being able to scroll bloated web pages as I please instead of having long delays. Cloning the drive required the use of an old Windows XP PC, but that was probably because of some fault with the newer PC (BIOS detected the SSD right away, but the OS didn't). It was odd that a Windows Defender full scan of 500,000 files took two and a half hours. I still would purchase this model and brand again. It's cool to see drive activity calm down quickly after booting to the desktop.
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