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Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2016
A boy falls into a forest. This reminds me of the opening to Predators.

Then we follow the goings on (not really exploits) of Matthew <s>Erling</s> Erlang in the not too far future. London has been flooded in parts, and this has caused day curfews to be put in place except for a select few people. Matthew's mom is one of those people that has to leave for work every day (in a hired car), but Matthew has to stay home and do his school work and attend class and lectures virtually.

And then things get bizarre.

There were many cool technological advances that appear to be where we are headed. How cool would it be to program a couple of dragons that are pretty much autonomous, at least in the VR world in which they are created? 3D printing is ubiquitous and capable of more than just the plastic-type material available now. This is exciting to read and imagine!

Less exciting is the governmental parties making plays for things and using tragedy and disaster to their own ends. That could never happen in our world, right?

I was about to hand out 5 stars for this book until the end of the book. Then I discover this is the first in a trilogy, and the book just stops. There is one statement that's supposed to just wash away all the questions raised along the way, or so it appears. I'm not satisfied at this ending at all. At least the second book can be obtained for free. Definitely want to read on.

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