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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2020
Ink had longed for a little girl of his own for so long.He was over being
alone and wanted someone to cherish, but the nightmares of his past
saw him denying the ache inside him.Betsy was a woman who had been
beaten many times, but did not give up hope of having a happier life.

Betsy quickly worked her way into Ink’s heart as he mentored her at club
Fringe. She craved his touch.She needed it.He was the only person she was
comfortable with to let her little side out.Ink fought his feelings for Betsy
initially, but there was something about her big brown ,sad eyes that he
could not resist.But, Betsy was hiding a secret from Ink that could destroy
him, and his fellow bikers.

My heart ached for Betsy, what a sad life she had lived.Low esteem and
panic attacks plagued her life.She loved being with Ink, but she knew he
would hate her when the truth came out.She was also brave when she put
her life on the line for the people she loved, but she was never really alone
with Ink and the Iron Shadows there to protect her.It gave me a laugh picturing
a big, tattooed, biker like Ink having a tea party, and with glitter all over his

This story had a exciting build up plus the pace and intensity continued all
throughout the book.The storyline includes danger, intrigue, secrets, elements
of BDSM and age play and a very slippery fox. An excellent addition to this
series by Laylah Roberts.
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