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Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2021
The Aristocrat is another shining example of Penelope Ward’s trademark trifecta —angst, humour, and swoon-worthy romance; a captivating combination that ensures an entertaining read from beginning to end. Absolutely sexy with a bunch of sweet, touching and OMG I didn't see that one coming moments. It was impossible to put this story down!

Felicity and Leo are wonderful characters. Their meet cute is absolutely hilarious. I laughed out loud. And that funny continued throughout the book. The smile on my face, and the excitement that hit me whenever these two were in the same place was the absolute BEST. They had chemistry you could feel and it was intoxicating. We get to witness the beautiful growth of these two characters as they make their way into each other’s hearts. There’s so much to laugh, cry, swoon, and laugh some more with each turn of the page. I always get more than what I would expect when it comes to Penelope Ward. She always manages to surprise me with her heartfelt stories and those freaking twists! This novel is no exception. It was beautifully written, it has a fabulous couple with lots of chemistry and all the feels. This couple stole my heart with their friendship and even more with their love story.

The Aristocrat is such an outstanding love story and definitely a top read for this year. It’s another book by this author who has the ability to completely enthrall me and touch at my heartstrings. In my eyes, Penelope Ward can do no wrong. This book is the full package of endearing characters ensconced in an engaging, emotional storyline that ran me through the wringer and spit me out whole. A completely engrossing page-turner that I simply did not want to put down, I swooned, sobbed and smiled my way through this book in a day. This is one addictive as hell read. This will give you all of the laughs, as well as all of the feels. Cover to cover, this romance was an absolute page-turner!
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