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Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2015
Almost three years after purchasing this book I stopped being grateful. I returned to a negative view of the world around me and in return, I kept getting negative scenarios in my life. The school I loved mistreated me, friendships wouldn't last, I could not land jobs, my anxiety and depression through the roof, basically, it seemed everything was falling apart around me. I spent most of it crying, the other times I spent it contemplating and thinking about my death or when I would die.

Two weeks ago I picked this book back up and dove right in.

Day 1 Changes - an abundance of friends coming to me and lifting me up.
Day 2 Changes - I felt happier, better. People were inviting me to do things on a whim, making friendships didn't require effort. I picked up more hours at work which meant more money.
Day 3 Changes - I'd recently gone through a rough patch with a person I care about deeply. Prior to this they left me heartbroken. I started the relationship practices and wouldn't you know it? The person texted me that day with an explanation. Each day it gets a little bit stronger between us again.
Day 4 Changes - Boss randomly gave me four dollars.
Day 5 Changes - Managed to get a tour at the school I want to attend
Day 6 Changes - Increased relationships with people wanting to hang out with me
Day 7 Changes - I had to cancel plans with people because of how many people were all of a sudden wanting to hang out with me.
Day 8 Changes - Jobs I wanted to apply for began to appear online
Day 9 Changes - Visited the school I wanted, was welcomed and it felt right to be there. I am imagining myself now being a student there.
Day 10 Changes - Was called for a job interview

Some skeptics might make you rethink this purchase. I'm here to tell you that being grateful and gratitude don't happen overnight. You must truly find the silver linings in your past and present to create a better future. Bad break up? Think of one good think you learned from it and be grateful for it. Even if negative, you learned something from that experience so be grateful for that. There is good in everything. It works, being grateful will bring more good into your life. Couple this up with the Netflix documentary The Secret and you have a pathway to your dreams.
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