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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2021
I loved this, so much, it’s amazing. After the cliff that The Magic of Betrayal left us on, I’ve been worried and concerned and sad and hoping against all hope that Britt Andrew’s had a good reason for the emotional turmoil she dropped us all in. It was so worth it! I am never doubting her again. I love Saige and her connection with the guys and theirs with each other. Khol is one of my favorite characters now, after I hated him in book 1. The character growth for everyone has been amazing. Sloan is working his way out of my own personal bad book bf doghouse.
All the things this book has;
-Personal growth
-Power gain/learning more about personal strength
-Answers to burning questions
-More mysteries and cliffs to fall off of
-relationship growth
-brutal, emotional honesty
-crazy Gran moments
-personal moments between characters

I am so excited for book 4 and I am trusting that the cliff hanger we just went through is for a reason. It’s for a reason, right?
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