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Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2019
This is an excellent reference that I highly recommend for anyone wanting to know more about the power of essential oils with a very good detailed introduction on the topic, a breakdown of many oils with great detail on each, and how best to apply. This book also weaves in Young Living and its founder which has been a leader in top-class quality oils.

A small meaningless side note. I never understood the marketing of a book labeled as a pocket reference when it's definitely too big for 99% of pockets that I have seen. :)

Here is a list of chapters in this reference (that is made of very good quality paper).
Chapter 1 - Yesterday's Wisdom, Tomorrow's Destiny
Chapter 2 - How Essential Oils Work
Chapter 3 - How to Safely Use Essential Oils
Chapter 4 - Single Oils
Chapter 5 - Essential Oil Blends
Chapter 6 - Techniques for Essential Oil Application
Chapter 7 - Personal Usage
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