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Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2018
Ordered these sheets 2 days ago...received them today because I'm a PRIME member. So, good (and fast) service in that regard. The sheets were packaged very nicely (best sheet packaging I've ever seen,actually!!!) - so no complaints in that respect either. They felt pretty good too (just by hand touch - did not lie on them to "body test" them in case I had to return them.) HOWEVER, here is the problem - and it's a HUGE PROBLEM FOR ME. I tried the fitted bottom sheet before washing these make sure it would fit more or less correctly. This is always the big stumbling block for me when I buy I make sure to test fit the bottom fitted sheet BEFORE washing it. The advertising says this fitted sheet will accommodate up to a 15" thick mattress. It true, one would expect a small amount of over-sizing out of the package (before washing) to allow for a small amount of shrinkage after the first wash. My brand new (only 2 weeks old) S&F non-pillow-top mattress is exactly 13.5" thick. So, this fitted sheet should have fit reasonably well right out of the box. And with one wash on a hot water setting, it should have shrunk to the point where it fit perfectly & tightly - which is what I want & like. I got a REALLY BIG SURPRISE - because this fitted sheet (out of the box & non-washed) will EASILY fit an 18" thick mattress...if not even thicker than that!!! It was incredibly sloppy (in every direction) on my 13.5" thick mattress right out of the box. In my experience, the amount you can shrink something that is 100% cotton will be determined after you wash it the very first time in hot water (followed immediately by a high heat setting in a dryer)...and after that you're stuck with whatever amount of shrinking you can create with that very first hot wash & hot dry. At $100 for the set, I'm not willing to take a chance that I can shrink this fitted sheet 3+ inches (if not even more than that) in every possible direction after one hot water wash & one hot dry in order for it to fit correctly for my likes. So, back it goes!!! If not for this one big problem, I would have kept the sheet set....because it looks to be very good quality -and well worth the price.
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