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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 3, 2020
This book is no different than the five previous books in the Hope Harbor series, in that it is absolutely delightful and will warm your heart right from the start. Each of these books can be read as a standalone, however, reading them all introduces you to the many residents of Hope Harbor.

This story focuses on the Roark family, Steven, who has returned from being deployed as a member of the Delta Force, his brother Patrick, and his wife Cindy. Because of a letter Steven received while in the Middle East from Cindy expressing concern about Patrick, he retired from the military and came home. All those close to Patrick could clearly see alcohol was an issue. After being home for a year, Steven didn't feel like he'd been able to help his brother and in fact, their relationship was on shaky ground.

Holly, a first grade teacher recently moved to Hope Harbor to begin a new, more independent life. Although nearly 30, her parents had difficulty letting her go because of a medical condition. Because she wants to make friends and feel part of the community, she gets involved in the volunteer organization, Helping Hands. She and Steven meet when she approaches him to make a donation to a fund raising event sponsored by Helping Hands. Steven runs a charter fishing boat, and she found him on the boat, asking him to possibly donate a fishing trip. They do not seem to hit it off very well, and Steven doesn't feel he actually can support the volunteer group.

The Roark family is on a rocky journey, but as the story unfolds, the outpouring of love and support of the community is touching. Holly is on a mission to help a new elderly neighbor who just moved in next door to her. The way the story unfolds and comes together makes for a beautiful, heartwarming story that will touch your heart. I love how Irene Hannon so masterfully weaves her own faith into her books. I continued to think of the residents of Hope Harbor even after the last page was turned. I am so happy to know that there will be a book #7!
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