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Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2019
I bought this product because of the light weight. My husband has very bad shoulders that ache constantly, so I decided to try this weed eater out. It came with enough batteries to, I hoped, do at least most of our field. He used it for the first time yesterday and he wasn't pleased. He went through all three batteries before he was even close to being finished and he said that the motor is in the bottom piece that cuts, so it's not balanced. You're holding all the weight out in front of you so even a small weight gets really heavy in just a little while. It was worse on him than his old Featherlite, so he switched back. I guess if you're young and uninjured, and you have only a very small yard, this would be a good product, but it's not for older people nor for people with more than a quarter of an acre to cut. I won't recommend it due to its design and the lack of battery life.
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