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Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2019
Product works fine but it costs a lot more money to buy more ink per mL and it is the same size cartridge. If you were buying more cartridge it would make a little more since. But the cartridge has to be the same size to fit in the printer. So they have to actually take out some of the cartridge to have room for the ink. The amount of ink is 5.6 mL for the regular, 8.3 mL for the XL and 11.6 mL for the XXL. So the cost for the regular is $10.99 or $1.96 / mL. For the XL it is $19.99 or $2.40 / mL. And I believe it is $26.99 for the XXL or $2.33 / mL. You would think with all the environmental stuff going on these days, they would go down on the price, NOT UP!!! At this point in my career, I can not afford to pay the extra money for the cartridge. That’s almost a 20% (or 16% if you go for the XXL) increase. Especially since I don’t have to pay for shipping...
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