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Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2019
The Nantucket Inn: Nantucket Beach Plum Cove Series Book 1 is by Pamela Kelley. This book takes place on Nantucket Island, of course. It deals with the pros and cons of having a bed and breakfast as well as looking at Lisa’s family dynamics and having the reader compare those with their own lives. The book is compelling to read and is very difficult to put down; but very east to come back to and immediately become one with the story.
Lisa Hodges had a decision to make - What was she to do for money? Her husband had died and left her with an enormous debt which he had created by gambling. His family knew he gambles; but they thought it was just small amounts and nothing came about with his debt that he knew. Lisa had sold everything but the house on Nantucket where she had retreated to live. She could now sell this house and contents or she could open a bed and breakfast. She chose the bed and breakfast; but had no idea how her children will react.
Chase, her only son, was delighted and put his muscle and skills to work renovating and overcoming obstacles to her opening the bed and breakfast. Abby was not so delighted; but whether that was a reflection of what was going on in her marriage was something Lisa wasn’t sure of. Abby was upset with her husband not listening to her and giving her some of his time. Jeff gets angry and moves out. Abby is sure he will come to his senses or at least she hopes to because she found herself pregnant.
Her oldest daughter, Kristen, is a freelance writer. She has just lost her job and her boyfriend and come home. She had first gone by their apartment and found her boyfriend in bed with one of the models he worked with. Angry, she packs her things and moved back to Nantucket to recover. Will she be able to find work in Nantucker?
Kristen is Kate’s twin. She is an artist and spends the majority of her time painting. She has been going with Sean for some time. She had known he was married but separated and she kept waiting for him to file for divorce; but he hadn’t. She knew she could no longer wait for him so broke up with him. She began to paint more and spend time with her sisters and Mom.
As they all solve their problems, the Beach Plum Bed and Breakfast goes into overdrive.
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