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Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2018
fast easy poor n broke due to fortnite i cant stop nor get rid of 2 months spent $3,000 on in game skins so on i still have no friends to plat with online ps4 i may sadly cut my loss on wasted cash just blew $125 thus far in a day 11/9/18' for the football complete teams ugh!!! online gaming hate it fortnite is a disease that got me i must sadly stop it buy my normal games leave this to the fortnite pc famous paid!!! gamers for twitch n tournaments SAD i spent/spending so much on the free game but every 24 hours new skins are posted emote dances ugh wish i could figure to sell my fortnite account get some money back it destroyed my life literally 3 friends broke up 1 divorced over the game!!! all my ps cards were are for the game lol then paypal was connected to it on ps4 n i cant buy what i want new games out due to money pit fortnite just cos cool skins to buy! unique ones nov. 13th deep freeze rare skin set comes out now too ugh!!! UPDATE: man, can't stop! no games played since 2018 but fortnite! $9,869 for today cash spent eat once a week 2 ramen, multivitamins n water is it! fortnite destroys i cant sell it cheap trust trade ps4 games for account sucks.....i cant get back by jan i know about $10k spent n i wanted a ps5 coiulda got 10 this past 5 months alone legit! man...soul is gone, got a paypal reload card reload vbucks broke.....cant get my games comics.....sad...beware trying fortnite i just go through money n the motions now playing with no one sadly spent cash on fake friends...i cut em out of life 200+ ppl.....wanted gold vikings AC N AC ULTIMATE odyssey but cant..i wont play 53 games aint played got on pre order man...
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