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Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2017
I was looking for a replacement Toiletry Kit for my old High Sierra bag and this seemed the closest to what I was looking for other than the very expensive Tumi Kit. I think it's funny after reading the various reviews that some people say it's too big and others say that it's too small. For me the size is just right.:-)

GOOD: The price is awesome. The number of pockets is great. The type and size of the pockets is great. Even the material seems durable, not flimsy. And, the size of the bag is great.

BAD: My one complaint, and the reason the bag doesn't get five stars from me, is the cut and zipper on the sides of the bag. The opening on each side of the bag nearly goes all the way to the bottom. So, if the bag is hanging, you have to be careful of stuff falling out when you unzip the side pockets. I consider this a design flaw that could be easily fixed: make the sides only unzip 1/2 way and/or put two zippers on the sides, so you can unzip them from the top.
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