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Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2020
I should have bought this book sooner! I really enjoyed this book! It's really nice to hear Cam's story with Lilith! To be honest I was a little worried I wouldn't like it as much as the other Fallen books because of some of the reviews I've read. So many people have complained about Lilith's personality and I understand why, but to me it's not that bad. I feel like it was because of Lucifer's curse on her is what made her miserable in the beginning.

I really enjoyed the plot, but sometimes I missed Luce and Daniel. They are mentioned a lot in this book. I really like that, but I get why some people are annoyed with it because this isn't their story it's Cam's. I noticed that Cam is different in this book. Some of his characteristics are lost like his bad-boy personality. It's one of the biggest things I missed about him.

Every few chapters there will be an interlude of flashbacks of Cam and Lilith when the first met in Canaan three thousand years ago. Cam never told Lilith he was a fallen angel and rejected Lilith because he was afraid she wouldn't accept him for who he truly is.

Throughout the story I loved watching Lilith transform throughout the story and then remembering her past. Another thing I really liked is the band called Revenge she she starts with Cam and two other guys Jean Rah and Luis. They sign up for battle of the bands. If you listen to the book on audible you can listen to the bands actual songs! YES! There is an EP you can listen to! It's also available on iTunes!

The ending was kind of left open which makes me a little sad, but it ended strongly and I am satisfied! To be honest I still love Daniel and Luce's story more, but Cam really deserved the spotlight for once! In Rapture Cam said "I never asked for a happy ending." He got his happy ending after all!

I'm really sad that there are no more Fallen books to read! I can now say that I have read all of the Fallen books!
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