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Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2017
This was a tough one to read, because I knew it'd be the last in the series. I savored every page for as long as I could. What really cinched my heart was Tate's ailment while in his profession--I am actually in a similar position. I am an actress and singer, but haven't performed in years, as I went deaf in one ear (and wondering if/when the shoe is going to drop on the other ear) and I get the dizziness and tinnitus he gets. To see this character go through that and wonder all of the thoughts I had running through my own head, well it was human and beautiful and slightly tragic. This book has reminded me that every day is a gift from God. Every note sung, every praise we're able to lift up to Him. So thank you, Tamera. Your writing is lovely, stories complex, and best of all, you touch our hearts.
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