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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2021
I saw this movie when it was first aired on cable. Even then, as a young teen, I vividly recall my utter dislike of this film. Much as I loved (and still love) MTM, I hated the child lead (a profoundly obnoxious performance, she was obviously cast only for her skills as a ballerina). I've never cared for Dudley Moore, either, and in this film you get to see him portray the kind of man who would screw over his devoted wife and son so he can go play husband and daddy to a woman and her horribly spoiled spawn because, well, cancer. I'm not sure a certain wish-granting foundation would approve of this.

A few things worth mentioning regarding this film that people seem inexplicably charmed and moved by: MTM's character is extremely wealthy and very early on makes huge donations to Moore's character's political campaign, so right there the whole thing is a little iffy. Is he beholden to her, and by extension that dreadful child? Moore's character has also cheated in his wife before, something he (gross, so gross!) tells Ballerina Girl, which is probably how she got the idea that he would be open to literally playing house with her mother. And...then Moore ditches his family it is (wait for it) during the holidays. Wound, meet salt. Seriously, how can you not root for these three jerks?

I hate this movie. I hated it then, and decades later, I hate it even more. If Hell is real, I guarantee this film is being shown there. It is that obnoxious. That annoying. The only good thing I can possibly say about it is that...

Nope. Thought I had something, but it was actually just another insult. I got nothin'.
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