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Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2021
Just finished book 3. It is much less convoluted than book one and two. But it is awesome. Jason's snarky quips are still there, so good that I sent out the conversation of his quips to other people. Even if they have not read the series. Looking forward to book 4. Jason and team mist fight the cult and get strong enough to stop this one action. The dialogue between the teammates. Just awesome.
Heres what i wrote after reading the first 40 pages.
I have to say. He who fights with monsters 3. I am going back to book two now. I've read book one twice. When book two came out. So I'm pretty familiar with it. I hope. There is just so much depth to what has happened in book two. I'm trying to remember all the cast, and all the intertwined machinations that have gone forth in book two. Love the series.

So looking forward to book 4!
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