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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 21, 2021
They make most of the characters play roles which are that they do stupid things so many times which cause the death of others for being too caring about a doll which seems to be suspicious of the murder of the victims;that cause the movie looks disappointed and has extended unnecessary scenes.I never understand what role Dr Foley plays in that movie,if he is antagonist or protagonist;in the other hand,if he does that in purpose,bringing the doll to the patient to try to manipulate her.I don't know if he really knows that the doll is real and kills people or he doesn't because there is no evidence of that in the movie.I don't know why a concept like that is included in the movie which is when Madeleine breastfeeds chucky in front of the nurse while the door's opened,but the nurse does'n surprise about that,asks question and doesn't respond at all.
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