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Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2022
Gravity is a perfectly titled story, it really captured the concept of the book. The story follows two sisters, Cevyn and Ayte, and their unforgettable bond. Cevyn is the definition of, “my sisters keeper.” I loved the way that Cevyn loved Ayte despite all of the challenges. The author really told the story of their sisterhood beautifully. I loved how grief was addressed, as well. Oftentimes we try to put on a brave face after tragedy strikes but the important key is going through the process of grieving and that’s what Cevyn did. It wasn’t pretty; it was tough to read about but it was necessary.

I love love Kas! ❤️🥺He was just what Cevyn needed. In spite of having his own challenges, he still, “showed up” for Cevyn in her time of need. His BM worked my nerves but Kas’ character was the type that he always tried to do the right thing and give chances.

I appreciated the theme of mental health and the way that it impacts families, relationships, and the person themselves. Although at times this book was heavy and realistic, it had a good amount of happy and feel good moments. The story pulled me in from the beginning. I could visualize every scene as it happened, as if I were there. Great job on this one!

“The truth of the matter was nothing could outrun grief. Not only was she a nasty b, but she was a fast one too. Can’t forget strong. It felt like she’d never leave me alone. Like she’d forever be standing on my heart with stiletto heels. I was assured it wouldn’t last forever, but it felt like it.” — my absolute favorite quote. It was raw and exactly how I would describe grief.
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