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Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2021
It was an unexpected surprise and I was really happy to see that Book 5 Broken Bonds was not the last book in this series. I'm so hooked into these Crimson Point characters and the way they are family to each other. And this book has a Christmas theme which is an added little bonus for me. Some of this story doesn't add up and the dots aren't always connected, but Kaylea Cross writes a helluva good action scene, so I enjoy her books for what they are and I just go with it.

Ryder's a tortured but valiant ex-Marine and Danae is a struggling and still grieving single mom of a teenaged boy. Right there we have drama, then add in organized crime and high risk for the MCs and you've got nail biting situations and downright dread for these two lovers. You can't help but want them to find happiness with each other. They so deserve it. But trust me when I say Crimson Point has always been an unlikely place to find peace and contentment. I always wonder why anyone would want to settle there, were it not for the other Crimson Point characters providing love, solidarity, and much needed support. I love that Ms. Cross includes all of them so generously in all of the books in this series because you'll want to follow them as much as the MCs in any of these stories.

If you like romantic suspense these are pretty good ones. Crimson Point's version of Christmas isn't quite like yours or mine, but there will always be gifts in the end.
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