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Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2018
I LOVE Louise Erdrich and have just about read everything she's written, and I was so excited to devour her newest book and was disappointed with the Future Home of the Living God. The premise is promising and timely and intriguing, but ultimately it didn't all come together for me. I liked a lot of it, but it felt disjointed overall and most of all, undeveloped. I think that probably this is where a good editor comes into play. I could have used another 100 pages for Erdrich to explore parts of the plot (how things are devolving, maybe another visit to her birth mother - Mary was attached immediately even though it didn't appear so) Parts of this were so good, I just don't feel like it was executed in the general awesomeness that I have come to know and love with her work. I know that this has been a project in the making over 10 years, and that's what it felt like. I'd love to see her go back and add to this book. She's revised Love Medicine before, why not! Love Medicine, Round House, Master Butchers Singing Club, Beet Queen, these are some of my all time favorite books and Louise Erdrich is hands down my favorite contemporary author.
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