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Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2009
With this addition to Sookiverse, we find her traveling to New Orleans to clean up her deceased cousin Hadley's apartment. Hadley, apparently, was a vampire, turned by her lover Sophie-Anne, the queen of Louisiana. Just writing that sentence makes me feel that this story is stretching to new lengths. I hope that the author is able to keep up with all of the new storylines that she's introducing.

Among the elements to look forward to are most notably the new characters. It seems like Hadley has quite a background to be explored. It's too bad that we don't hear more about her, but maybe in upcoming novels? Quinn, a weretiger, offers promising hints of a more normal romantic life for Sookie. Sophie-Anne, the queen, really seems to take to Sookie. Poor Jake, a were-turned-vamp, seems to be in a position to create some havoc. Amelia is a lot of fun and I'm hoping she sticks around in the plot for a while. Sookie seems to need a good friend who doesn't just think about jumping her.

Book 6 doesn't disappoint in terms of action and suspense. Be prepared for some shock and awe. The one thing that I have to say, that I feel is really impressive, is the way in which the author creates the tension and evenly paces the plot so that it's not over too quickly, nor does it drag on for too long. She really understands what is just right and rivets me to the book. I'm hoping that there's some development in Sookie's life in terms of a relationship that works. I don't think that one could help but crave some security and true love for someone who has lost and been denied so much in life.
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