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Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2020
I have really enjoyed this series so far but as I read each book I began to notice a trend all too common in both television and book series today and it snapped into focus half way through this book.

I truly believe that story tellers today push the story too quickly. It's not enough to simply create cool characters and allow the reader to grow comfortable with them before ratcheting things up. Today we meet the character and almost immediately the story bursts into a full out sprint.

The author has taken us from an unwitting accountant getting a lesson in what the real world is like to basically playing second seat to Earl "Ike" harbinger planning monster d-day amphibious landings. Do we need to be here already? You mean there aren't lower level monsters to deal with before we get to ancient world ending deities? Our hero has been dealing with G o ds for most of the series. It should have been titled God-Hunter International then. I mean we hear about all these other monsters but only in relative passing and I think the author missed an incredible opportunity to walk us through Owens ever evolving world. Story tellers simply don't take the time to really let us immerse ourselves in the character's world before running off to bigger and bigger baddies and higher and higher stakes.

If the author spent half as much time WALKING us through Owens education as he does drowning us under needless weapon details Owen Pitt and MHI might find themselves in such company as Frodo Baggins and the Fellowship.

Though I had HIGH hopes I doubt I'll read any further books in this series. Shame really.
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