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Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2018
Very poor quality control. I bought this item about a week ago and am now going to put it together. I am doing the desk clamp install when I realize the clamp has threads for the screws BUT THE CLAMP BRACE DOES NOT! Bigger screws will not help and shouldn't even be required. I shouldn't have to jury rig this item. Again, my problem is the clamp brace doesn't have threads to mate the clamp brace and the clamp together. An email was sent just before this review. I will update with fix once I hear from VIVO or receive a refund from them...which will be my next course of action.

My original review is above. I figured out the REAL problem wasn't the design or the parts but the instructions. When doing the desk clamp install, the instructions show the 2 screws being installed from the back. The have to be installed from the other side. The screws go through the clamp brace first then to the clamp which is threaded. Not the other way around as per the instructions. After building my space, the dual monitor mount is fantastic. Highly recommended. I must've had a bad day but it's all good now.
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