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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2020
I loved this movie! The writing is smart, clever and very funny. Kind of a spoof, in the same vein as Best in Show, or A Mighty Wind. But every situation is plausible. Lots of earlier reviews give a good overview of the movie, so I won’t bother with that. The casting is spot on. Kaley Cuoco as Hannah, and Chris Klein as Henry create that “boy meets girl” tension that convinces you they’ll end up together. Be sure to watch all the way through the credits and see how that works out. The best performance in the movie is the great Dennis Farina as John K. Butzin. Farina nails the guy we all know - someone who simply has no idea he’s not as great as he thinks he is. I love how each actor gives a performance that not over the top, but teeters on the edge of caricature just enough to be hilarious. I want more movies like this!
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