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Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2021
I am an avid fan of this book series and have grown to love the unique galaxy that Anspach and Cole have created. Unfortunately, this book did not meet the standard that their other books have created. While the tone, topics, and feeling of the book are quite similar to the others, my problem lies in the plot. Please be aware, spoilers follow.

It truly irked me that some of the key characters that were built up in the past few books (especially Carter and Leenah) were throw away in the first few chapters. Carter's death felt pointless, as it accomplished nothing other than to be convenient for the plot. No blaze of glory, no warning, not even a struggle, just a chapter or two of exposition and then wham, he's dead in a paragraph. Same thing goes for Leenah, but to a far greater degree. The ship that Ford/Wraith put so much effort into, which is an extremely capable and powerful ship, goes down. How? It's not well explained (again, plot convenience) and I am disappointed in this. Those opening chapters and those character deaths felt empty, they felt wrong to me. Perhaps this is just my opinion and my dislike of characters being senselessly killed off (although I feel I must note I had no issue with any other character death up until this point). Still, I love the series, and the rest of the book was good. I enjoyed seeing all the characters come together and all the intricacies connect, which excites me for what the next book will hold. Still, the first chapters soured this book for me.
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4.8 out of 5
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