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Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2021
** spoiler alert ** Riggs is the 11th installment of the Arizona Vengeance Series by one of my all time favorite authors Sawyer Bennett. Each book is a standalone that is part of the series. Riggs could be read as a standalone without any issue.

We’ve anticipated Riggs and Veronica’s story since the Kane. The couple was teased as is the usual for this series. Towards the end of each book you’ll get a little teaser of the next couple’s story which is one of the things I love so much about interconnected series.

Veronica is a divorcee that works part time at Clarke’s bookstore. She is Clarke’s best friend and always seemed like a really nice person.

Riggs is broody, holds family secrets and pretty much shuts out everyone around him. 6 months ago an incident happened that caused Riggs to get full custody of his 17 year sister.

Riggs sister is down after coming to live in Arizona with him. It’s suggested by a teamate’s wife that Clarke needs part time work.

That’s how Veronica and Riggs meet.

I’m going to explain what parts of this book really bothered me as I honestly didn’t like this “romance” novel at all! This isn’t a spoiler so I won’t mark this but there was hardly any romance.

There was barely a connected. Some moments made me epically uncomfortable. I’m going to go into more detail about what I’m referring to.

The couple doesn’t meet until around 30% of the book. Once they meet and have their enemies to lover interaction where the hero, Riggs gets the “wrong impression” of the heroine, Veronica. The wrong impression is that he judges her by what she’s wearing which wasn’t done in a mean way.
Once that happens you are up to the almost 48% mark before they even meet for the second time. At that point I was annoyed and went onto Goodreads to check bad reviews because I wanted to know if this bothered anyone else. I’m not alone.

Riggs realizes he misjudged Veronica so he goes to her house to apologize. I’m exciting an actual apology because the guy was a jerk but he just kisses her aggressively, then he doesn’t have a condom because he slept with someone else on his away game just a few days ago. Weird.

I was like, ok? Weird for Sawyer to put that in but I’ll roll with it. Maybe she’s just trying to show us Riggs is that much of an unemotional guy who sleeps around.

Veronica was a huge issue for me too, mostly after this happens. There was one scene that had my mouth open that she just let him talk to her like that. Veronica’s inner monologue is so forgiving towards him and SO self-deprecating towards herself! Geez poor Veronica.

Riggs said something along the lines of: well, all I have to do get you to kiss me is be an a-hole to you and she says “yup” and sits down as if he didn’t just insult her. It was so awkward to read.

I feel as though I kept waiting for this romance that never happened. NEVER. The entire book was about his relationship with his younger sister Janelle and some stuff happened with his mom. Aside from a few scenes there was hardly any interaction between the couple. I was hoping for a resolution and some closer on the antagonistic feelings they had towards each other in the beginning.

They didn’t’ discuss the supposed hate they had for each other and I didn’t like that. I never got a love vibe from them at all.

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