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Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2018
Not worth the money. I had my class order this because we ordered the annotated Wizard of Oz and loved it (there’s a 100 page biography of Baum and each annotation is in depth and helpful). However, this book was a total let down. We would’ve been better off purchasing a $5 paperback and reading the free info online. The pictures are pretty, but the annotations say “go see this source”. He basically even says in the introduction, “I’m too lazy to actually annotate what people want me to annotate, so I left that part out.” There’s nothing useful at all in the annotations. It is ironic to call a book a definitive 150th annotated edition of the text and then not actually even bother annotating it. Even the biographical and background information at the beginning was quite short and disappointing considering there’s 150 years’ worth of information on Carroll and the publishing history of the text. In the Oz book there are facts about the film versions in the annotations, symbolism, allusions, allegory, pop culture references, etc. In this book? There are barely any annotations at all, and when they do show up, they are merely pointing to another source. That’s not really why people purchase an annotated edition of a book. Seriously a major let down. I regret making my class purchase a lug around this heavy, hardbacked edition when we could’ve gotten the same amount of info from a MUCH cheaper version were the annotations not going to be helpful.
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