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Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2017
Review of Winged Hussars by Mark Wandrey.

Mark Wandrey has hit his stride as an author of classic military science fiction. His newest novel, Winged Hussars is one of the best reads I’ve had this year.
The universe he and fellow author, Chris Kennedy have created is well-rounded and far-reaching. They have created characters that have the reader wanting more. This was definitely the case in Winged Hussars. Throughout the novel, Wandrey had me wondering about characters, watching their development with interest, and in a few cases, sitting back in my chair and breathing out.
The book is non-stop action from the first page and the pacing is what you would expect from someone that has been writing for as long as Wandrey.
I’m looking forward to the final installment by Kennedy in a few weeks with, The Golden Horde. And from what I’ve been given to understand there will be much more of the The Four Horsemen…to which I heartily say, “Ooorah.” (Or Hoowah, Hoorah, Huzzah…or whatever exclamation of celebration you care to use.)
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