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Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2021
Spoiler Alert. ok... every aging actor wants a "franchise" to retire on. Ethan Hawke sleepwalks through this one, doing the same ole ticks and snorts halted breaths, and scraggly unshaven he tries hard to be believable, but is now. What all that effort really is... trying hard for a John Wick or Jason Bourne or Jack Ryan or Mission Impossible. Ouch. There is the "grey haired evil greedy old guy" who runs a mercenary corp, there are war crimes that need to be covered up, there's a woman with a child dead, there's a woman and child threatened, there are impossible violent battles with magic bullets in foreign lands. This movie is just excellent proof of the waste of time and energy in Hollywood...and why 80% of the movies made nowadays should be banned, and never filmed, and that budget $ used to solve homelessness among veterans of foreign wars in America.

This movie should be re-titled "Girl with the Magic Gun", we see her making impossible excellent head shots and tricky bullseyes, about 30 in a row without reloading... one bullseye after another going up against AR15 and machine guns that do not even graze her... wow... Ridiculous.
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