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Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2019
For the past several years I've been very ill. Reading every Future Chronicle as it came out kept my mind going, while my body slowly healed. Some of my memory just didn't return though. I still have a difficult time with proper nouns, especially names. It's those certain talented names that I want so badly to remember, too: the names of the many authors who carried me to the outer reaches of space in a war, in a time & space unlike anything ever experienced by Earthlings! Now, I'm able to remember a few individual names but it doesn't seem fair to mention them and not include other equally brilliant storytellers. Sam Peralta has pulled together the unknown and known, always seeking those who could expand readers lives through fiction and he has succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams - including his own, I'm sure!

READ THESE ANTHOLOGIES! I can't give them enough stars for recommendation! The Future Chronicles have everything any reader could hope for in sci-fi, in adventure, in literature! They already are considered classics by fans globally. I know - I read reviews!

Twenty stars, 100, 1000? Supernova fab! READ them ALL and definitely include with this one, Legacy Fleet! In our present trying times, as the character Natsuki said ... you gotta find HOPE! These writers have brought me that & so much more. Thank you!
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