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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 18, 2015
I have read all the Joe Ledger novels and was looking forward to this one, even though I felt the last couple weren't as good as the first ones. I have liked Maberry's writing so much that I even read the Pine Deep trilogy. I don't wait for his books to come to the local library; I order them for my Kindle and pay full price. I would like my money back for this one.
What sick porno movie was Maberry watching when he wrote this book? When the character of "Boy" was giving the tied up hostage oral sex while he was being tortured and mutilated, that was when I stopped reading. Yes, I know there are sick people out there, but I don't need a graphic description of it as part of my day.
It seems writers that can't come up with any new stories have to depend on sex to sell their books. You can keep the Joe Ledger series, but I still want my money back. There should be some kind of warning for people before they buy this trash.
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