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Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2017
My initial impression of AG Riddle's style after attempting to read two books (Departure and Atlantis Gene) is that he enjoys writing these kinds of stories a lot. Soon enough you realize however, that he is not capable of delivering on the initial excitement generated in the opening chapters. For example, he isn't a pro at either setting up the scenes adequately or following through with any sort of meaningful character development. You want the plot to move and it gets stuck about halfway through each of these two works. You end up feeling used by the author for his own satisfaction in luring you in as his reader without delivering the momentum to keep you entertained and interested. It was frustrating. With both of these, I just suddenly put the books down at about the halfway point and kind of perused the remaining pages to see if I could rekindle the desire to read on.I just couldn't. So sorry for the negative review. I liked the idea of what these books promised in terms of imaginative characters, unique technologies, and future-shocking humanity into thinking about it's development as an evolving species. Instead what I found was forgettable escapism that will no doubt appeal much more to those who prefer terminator stories with abundant action and not much thought behind them. I'm left disappointed.
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