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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 29, 2020
I almost hesitated to repurchase a Mighty Mite again based on a few reviews.
For anyone on the fence trying to decide-don't wait-just get it!
I am so happy that the new one seems just as fantastic as our old one-that the only way to explain it is to say-"IT REALLY SUCKS"! (Obviously in a good way)!
We have 2 long-haired rescue cats. There is fur everywhere-all the time. They are wonderful, beautiful cats-but you can't keep up with the tumbling tumble "fur balls" that seem to stick to everything.
We threw the old Hoover upright in the trash once the new Mighty Mite got here. It takes care of all areas, faux wood floors as well as carpet. Just remember to keep cleaning the main floor carpet tool since the fur sticks to the bottom. No big deal-the excess fur just sucks into the vacuum hose and all is well. I am also so very happy to have the vacuum bags for easy disposal again. I find cleaning out a dirt cannister like in the Hoover to be absolutely disgusting!
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