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Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2014
The Highlander's Prize is set in Scotland in 1487 and follows the history events of the period with a find historical fiction woven into actual events. This is one of my very favorite types of books when they are done with the expertise found in The Highlander's Prize.

Clarrisa, was an acknowledged bastard of Edward IV, of the House of York and in Scotland on orders from her uncle to become the mistress of James III of Scotland, so he could have a son with English royal blood to help him politically with relations with the English. They treat Clarrisa as a thing to be used for their own purposes with no thought to what she would choose to do with her life. Broen MacLeod, the head of his clan offers Clarrisa a way to escape her fate with James III, as he steels her in the dead of night.

Clarrisa and Broen face many problems in the power struggles between the clans, the Church and the shifting political powers but with the help of Norris Sutherland, the son of Broen's overlord they just might have a chance to find a life together. The plot is complicated with the politics of the times, the misunderstanding between clans and the political unrest caused by the oldest son of James III challenging his father for the throne and the battle between clans. The dialogue between characters was one of the strong points of the book, as it was in the form of English of the 1400's with lots of humor woven in to keep the reader smiling. Mary Wine has written a great historical fiction with The Highlander's Prize.
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