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Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2021
The author seemed to forget about things that were established in previous books.

Killian is dying because he got hurt, and the main character is leaving him to go complete a task. She determines, instead of leaving him like he left her, she will shoot him so he isn’t left in a place with someone she doesn’t trust. As the “Phoenix” she has the ability to heal (this was mentioned in one of the previous books). It almost feels like she forgot about that. She did mention that she is afraid she would kill him if she tried to heal him. Um…if I remember right she healed someone once before in one of the other books? So this fear feels a little hollow.

She discovered that she has a brother in this book, but of course she doesn’t trust him.

One thing that bothers me about the story is that they keep going on and on about how the main character’s mother’s body was kept alive, and so they need someone who can communicate with the dead to find out what she knows. The mother’s soul was stuffed into a gun in the other books, and the mother purposefully misfired to destroy herself to save her daughter. There was an abnormal person at the end of that book who said that the mother’s spirit wasn’t completely gone from the gun. So theoretically they could put it back into the body. Yet the main character didn’t think of that at all, and is dead set on using a death talker to find out what her mom knew.

The annoying thing about these books is that when the characters have a problem that they need to fix, there’s a way to fix it that’s super difficult. And then what do you know, they are conveniently made aware of another option to fix the problem that’s easier. It makes the emotional weight of things that they potentially have to do worthless.

Also, the main character is frequently told that she has “mental blocks” in her mind that make it so she can’t access her full range of powers. Even after she seemingly defeats these mental blocks, she is still told she has them.

I know she is learning about herself and her powers, but it just seems too convenient that when there’s an issue, she is suddenly able to do something with her powers that resolves the issue.

The ending of the book made absolutely no sense. I read it and my only thought was…what just happened?

This book was not my favorite. The series wasn’t too good, and I was disappointed.
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