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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2019
I purchased three of these during Prime Days. First, it took FOREVER for me to receive them, and I still have not received one of the three ordered.

Secondly, the only music platform that seems to work correctly is Amazon music. On any other platform, the song gets about a quarter of the way to halfway finished and it cuts out to dead air. When the music resumes, a new song is playing. I listen to pandora primarily, then apple music and Amazon as my last option. I purchased them to add easily accessible music in my office, gym, and yoga room. I contacted amazon and did troubleshooting with no resolution. They sent me two replacements that are doing the same thing. The funny thing is if I listen to my second-generation dots and plus I have no issues with any of my music platforms. It is only the third-generation with the problem; which tells me there is something wrong with this third-generation. I hope they will take this back and return my money. I would rather have a refurbished second-generation than not to be able to listen to all of my music platforms.

Thirdly, the echo says it is up to date, BUT the tech support representative stated that the software version is not the latest.

Lastly, I have to repeat myself multiple times for this echo to wake up and do what is asked. In my opinion, Amazon had to throw a bunch together to keep up with demand from Prime Days and manufactured a bunch of defective echo dots.

I hardly ever do reviews, but I am so annoyed with this situation that I had to let others know what to expect. This third-generation is not the high-quality Amazon product you have become accustomed. Do yourself a favor and wait until a new generation becomes available or buy an old one.
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