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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2013
First of all, I have cable but never get to use the TV since my roommate's always playing Call of Duty, so good on Amazon for getting new episodes up so quickly.

Secondly, Burn Notice is, while not bad by a mile, I'm glad its ending. The reason being its just getting to be like every run of the mill rouge badass spy show, which is to say its getting vanilla. At least with season 5 (although not my favorite), Michael was a badass, but the show would make me laugh or at least chuckle whether it be from a quirky subtitle or a movie reference or all too obvious foreshadowing by Michael or Sam the villain that episode didn't catch. Now you can almost script the show yourself: rouge spy, everyone out to get him, has confrontations with those close to him who are working for the other side, questions his values, has to save the world. I don't know, its still an exciting show, its getting predictable. It was always predictable to an extent, but at least it was kinda lighthearted then
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