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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 29, 2017
Admittedly I was unhappy at the cost of continuing the saga after reading the first volume as part of my Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription. Frankly, if I'd seen it coming I would have skipped the first book too and they are both very good. But at the rate that I read the second book was completed in a day. So I don't like to put in the hours reading and getting hooked on a story and the characters only to find I can't afford to continue the series.

What almost stopped me from finishing vol.2 was the fleet admiral deciding to murder all the enemy prisoners for fear they had some secret way of causing their ships to explode. What offended me was the admiral failing to consider that some type of hidden timer was much more likely than some supernatural power like telekinesis, and putting the prisoners into escape pods, lifeboats or shuttles would avoid the affects that ordering his troops to commit atrocities would cause. But my dad went through the Battle of the Bulge and told me about the response to German SS murdering allied prisoners and I was in the service when the Mi Lai massacre happened during the Vietnam war. So I wonder if any admiral of ours could give such an order and have none of those carrying it out refuse on the grounds that it was an unlawful order.
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