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Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2018
From the very beginning, I knew this was my kind of book. The very first habit? Have regular "meetings" with your partner. Translation? Be intentional about your relationship! This is the key to any healthy partnership.

Marriage can be simultaneously wonderful and extremely difficult. If you can lay a firm foundation and build on it over time, you are apt to have a partner that not only you can not only grow with, but become super close to. If you are willing to put the time in, your significant other might just become your best friend.

In this book, Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport give you concrete ways to build this foundation. If you can get in the "habit" of working at it and are intentional about your relationship, you can overcome most difficulties.

From practicing acceptance and empathy. learning to cherish your partner, and developing rituals unique to the two of you, this book mixes in the "well, duh" habits with the "well, isn't that a fantastic idea!" Not all of the habits listed will be new for you, but each one is a good reminder of what we should be shooting for.

My personal favorite habit? #8- Connect and Engage Daily. Marriage isn't something to work at once or twice a week. Only by practicing these habits daily can you grow closer with your spouse.

Mindful Relationship Habits is an inspiring read if you are new to the game, while at the same time being a firm reminder to stronger couples to continue on with these types of habits. This book is for you regardless of your relationship status. Take this habits to heart, and then apply them to your life.

Go ahead and buy it now, no need to read any more reviews.
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