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Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2017
I got I thought it would be good to eat better and try healthy smoothies with vegetables and fruit. I dugout my old blender and found the consistency poor and seeds in my teeth. So I did a lot of research and review reading. I narrowed it down to 5 brands, then 2, then Vitamix. I was really sold on the Professional Series 750 or the new Ascent A3500. I just could not pull the trigger on a $500-$650 blender. The Ascent A2500 has the same 2.2 hp motor, a 10 year warranty, is a fraction shorter than the 750, has a clear lid, a time counter, 3 program settings, and standard controls like the 750. The 750 has been a very popular model. I love the brushed stainless...but that fraction (1/4") keeps it from fitting easily under my cabinets. The older style with the block centering pad does not look as sleek as the new Ascent series. I like the redesigned cooling system for the Ascent series and the 3 extra years for a total of 10 years warranty. That told me Vitamix was banking on the redesign. The Ascent series comes with the 64 oz container and there are additional accessories in the works.
The Ascent series has 4 models which all have the same motor, container, warranty, etc. The A2300 has a 10 speed dial, pulse switch, start/stop switch, and digital timer. The A2500 has the same features and adds 3 program settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups and adds $50 to the price. The A3300 is the same price as the A2500 but loses the program settings but gains touch start/stop, touch pulse, and a programmable timer (which allows for setting a count down time). The A3500 adds 5 program touch settings and $100 to the price. No matter which one you get, I'll bet you'll love it. A couple of weeks after getting the A2500, I got a wild hair and decided to also get the A3500. They are both awesome and right now I'm enjoying a fantastic frozen margarita.
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